Fiber to Fabric
FeltLOOM Lab Needle Felting Machine

FeltLOOM Lab Needle Felting Machine

What If lab needle felting machine. What if you could quickly test ideas without stopping production?  FeltLOOM can!

What if you wanted to try different finishing or structuring needles in a matter of minutes? FeltLOOM  can!

What if you could needle up and needle down at the same time?  FeltLOOM can!

FeltLOOM Inc. was born out of a desire to find new ways of producing high quality products from fibers we produced from the animals on the farm. We needed a small unit that would run small amounts of fibers. We could not buy this unit, so we developed it. Now this machine is in use and is a great unit for a company or lab unit.  What If testing machine. Now you can test ideas quickly without using a big batch of fiber, or using a great deal of time. Changes in needles can be tested in minutes. You have control over needles and rollers speeds and feeds. Your ideas will come to life! Price range on this series is $18,000 to $29,000.00.

All units are custom built.  Call 855 335 8566 for pricing.